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Thnks Fr the Mmrs: Tips From Our Graduands

​SingHealth celebrated the graduation of our 5th cohort of 152 Residents in September 2019. Find out what our graduands miss most about their Residency training days, their daily work essentials, pre-call dos’ & don’ts’ and more!

Daily work essentials?

"I never leave home without my iPad Pro. Not only does it keep me on the ball with my patients but I can always use it to slip in some exam revision at any time of the day!" 

Dr Shaikh Abdul Matin Bin S Abd Malek Mattar, Advanced Internal Medicine Programme

"To take the load off my pockets and ensure I don’t forget any essentials, I carry [my] gear in my drop leg pouch. The most high yield items are the trauma scissors, stationery, torch light and blood tubes. The silver badge is reminiscent of my NS days — I was initially going to the IT field but my stint as a medic in NS made me switch fields - so this badge is a reminder of where it all began. Everyone who sees me with the pouch often remarks that it looks as if I am going to war - but on a busy Monday doesn’t it feel like that?" 

Dr Chinmaya Shrikant Joshi, Emergency Medicine Programme

"Many different coloured markers! Important for marking out areas of interest on the microscope slides." 

Dr Cheng Xin Min, Pathology Programme

Pre-call routine?

"Getting in extra snuggle time and playtime with my kiddo! Also, ensuring powerbanks are all charged up for sufficient ammunition to last the call." Dr Low Su Hui Esther, Advanced Internal Medicine Residency Programme

"Cannot take the last lift and walk beside the person in the call team who eats pau! Irrational but faithfully adhered to :)" Dr Suraya Zainul-Abidin, Orthopaedic Surgery Programme

"Put my children to bed the night before and kiss my wife goodbye. Beyond work, I believe my family is still the most important part of me as I am a part of them. They will be there when the dust settles and the glory fades. Each doctor is replaceable to a patient, but not each husband and father. So, they certainly deserve a ritualised routine before I become in absentia for a day!" Dr Vincent Tay, Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery Programme

Best memory in Residency?

"Time spent with fellow Residents squashed in the CCU MO room or level 12 NHCS, discussing cases, celebrating small wins, happy personal news or commiserating over losses." Dr Audry Lee Shan Yin, Cardiology Programme

"Definitely doing courses, mugging and passing exams with a great bunch of friends." Dr Lee Shu Yi Sonia, Diagnostic Radiology Programme

"When I get to work with a fellow classmate or friend from another specialty as part of a tag-team. I remember how I walked by a cardiac arrest case and started to lead the resus while my Anaesthesia friend, who also walked past incidentally, helped to intubate the patient." Dr Ting Boon Ping, Emergency Medicine Programme

"Being in the labour ward watching and getting all the babies to pop out while I was a junior doing my night float." Dr Ng Xin Hui Ada, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Programme

"'The Happy Place!' A secret nook somewhere in KKH that helps restore peace and sanity for my friends and I." Dr Karen Donceras Nadua, Paediatrics Programme

"When I was conferred the degree of Master of Medicine (Paediatric Medicine) together with my dearest friends, in the presence of my beloved family. One of the proudest and happiest moments of my life." Dr Samantha Lee May Ping, Paediatrics Programme

Best on-call meal?

"Chicken and duck porridge from Crystal Jade’s Dim Sum — Absolute comfort food for the soul!" Dr Kok Shi Xian Shawn, Diagnostic Radiology Programme

Entertainment that has inspired your Residency journey?  

"The film “Man of Steel” gave me strength to finish Residency. In many ways, Residency calls us to be the best version of ourselves, which is to be like Supermen and Superwomen, who are larger than life, to our patients, families and friends. To remind myself of this, I keep my Superman torchlight on my clinic desk every day." Dr Aaron Singh Sohan Singh, Family Medicine Programme

"Awareness by Anthony de Mello. This book helped me through some tough times in Residency. Life is not all about clinics, surgery, research, the rat race for financial reward or professional acclamations. Take time out for yourself and your loved ones. It will make you a better doctor, and patients will appreciate you for it." Dr Tay Kae Sian, Orthopaedic Surgery

"Rather than a particular title, the act of reading my child’s favourite books to her many times over has inspired me. May our practice of Medicine be like a child with her favourite books — Never getting bored of cases, always ready for the next experience." Dr Pang Cui-Ying Maria Judith, Otolaryngology Programme

"The movie, 13 Going On 30. I love these lines from the female lead: “I think all of us want to feel something that we’ve forgotten or turned our backs on because maybe we didn’t realise how much we were leaving behind. We need to remember what used to be good. If we don’t, we won’t recognise it even if it hits us between the eyes.” This has been a reminder for me to focus on the positive side of things whenever I met difficulties during my Residency years so that I can hopefully be less cynical at the end of this journey. I think that I have been rather successful!" Dr Kam Kai-Qian, Paediatrics Programme

Favourite place on campus?

"Gastro Senior Residency office aka the man-cave. It is especially decked out and equipped by generations of Senior Residents for our welfare and sanity. It also features a mini-bar, TV, nespresso machine and even a playstation amongst other amenities!" Dr Ng Yi Kang, Gastroenterology Programme

Favourite work shoes?

"Slippers. People who work in the labour ward know the mess that can happen at anytime. Slippers are perfect as they can be rinsed multiple times and they dry super fast." Dr Lim Yu Hui, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Programme

Favourite past time?

"Badminton! I enjoy this game because its engaging; involving a lot of quick and strategic thinking and it is interactive. It helps me to de-stress and keeps my mind fresh." Dr Edwin Lim Kang Wei, Anaesthesiology Programme

"I’ve recently grown to love fixing jigsaw puzzles. It occupies my mind totally in a mind-numbing way and forces me to sit down and concentrate on solving it piece by piece until you can suddenly see the big picture. This is similar to those undifferentiated and critically sick patients whom you just can’t figure out, but puzzles are a lot more calming for sure." Dr Susmita Roy Chowdhury, Emergency Medicine Programme

"Gaming. It reminds me that there is more to life than just work, and practically, it does help with visuo-motor coordination, spatial representation and visual attention. All work and no play makes Han Wei a dull boy." Dr Lim Han Wei, Famly Medicine Programme

"Rock climbing! It is great fun, good for destressing and venting frustrations. And no matter how absolutely crap your day has been, it’s like a reminder to keep climbing over your obstacles." Dr Kiew Sieh Yean, Ophthalmology Programme 

"Chinese ink painting. It is calming and helps me maintain a zen temperament to concentrate for long hours. This mental strength is needed for complex microsurgical cases." Dr Lim Qian Ru Rebecca, Hand Surgery Programme

Click on the image thumbnail to view more responses from our Graduands in the SingHealth Residency Graduation Yearbook 2019.