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When You Need A Listening Ear

Through the course of training, we know that our Residents may face many stressful situations. This is why we are prepared with various resources to aid them in overcoming and coping with their challenges.

If you are a Resident undergoing stress and in need of help, here are some avenues that we offer:

  • Speak to your Programme Directors and Programme Executives – they are always available to provide guidance and advice where relevant.

  • Make use of our free professional counselling service to seek professional help as and when necessary. If you need a listening ear, you can call the TRAUMA RECOVERY AND CORPORATE SOLUTIONS (TRaCS) hotline number indicated on the Residency intranet. If the call is unanswered, please send a SMS or leave a voice message. TRaCS will return your call by the next working day.

  • Access our online Mindfulness Programme materials which offer appropriate ways to cope with stress.

  • Raise your concerns and feedback regarding training via our anonymous feedback channel.