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How to Apply

Application for Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1) Programme

Applicants for PGY1 programmes are required to submit a SingHealth PGY1 Programme Application Form* and attach the following documents:
• CV
• Latest official transcript

Optional documents:
• Letters of recommendation
• Publications: A copy of the publisher article or titles of the article and journal 
• Abstracts and Letters of Acceptance

*Local medical students should receive an application form from your respective class representative(s) after our year-end Medical Students Forum. Alternatively, applicants can write in to the SingHealth PGY1 Programme at to request for a copy of the form.

Application for SingHealth Residency Programmes

Applicants for Residency training programmes are required to submit their portfolios and work-based assessments and apply for interviews to get into their selected specialties. Applicants will also undergo the match to their selected specialties and sponsoring institutions.

All applications to Residency training programmes in Singapore are managed by MOH Holdings Pte Ltd (MOHH). For application details, important dates for Residency Exercise for Entry, and match results, please visit MOHH website.
Singaporeans who are IMGs and would like to undergo Residency in Singapore are advised to apply early and return to Singapore once you have completed your medical studies

IMGs who are existing Residents or specialist trainees in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and UK can apply to enter into the Residency programmes in Singapore with their years of training taken into account after it is assessed by the committees of the Specialists Accreditation Board. They must be first matched into a Residency programme to be accepted and assessed.

Please email to if you have further specific personal enquiries concerning entry into the residency training.

Click here for more information.

Application for SingHealth Medical Subspecialty Senior Residency Programmes

Applications are open to Year 3 Internal Medicine Residents or those who have completed Internal Medicine Residency training. Applicants are required to submit their portfolios to MOHH. Copies of the portfolio will be shared to the Sponsoring Institutions for the programmes to conduct their internal interviews.

Residents may contact the respective Senior Residency Programme via their programme email if they wish to get in touch with the Programme Directors.