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OveR C-ing Our Residents' Affairs

Akin to student bodies in schools, the SingHealth Residents' Committee (RC) acts as a representative body for the Residents; to bridge communication among our Residents and management, and to improve life in Residency for our Residents. So what exactly does this constitute?  

This month, we speak to our two newly minted RC Co-Chairpersons, Dr K Sri Karpageshwary (Geriatric Medicine Resident) and Dr Dorinda Chew (Diagnostic Radiology Resident) about what they do and what they hope to achieve in the year ahead. 

Dr Sri KarpageshwaryDr Chew


1. Tell us what the RC does.

Dr Sri Karpageshwary & Dr Chew: The current cohort of RC consists of 27 members across 5 subcommittees, namely the Communications, Education, Research and Informatics, Student Relations as well as Volunteerism and Welfare.

We are active in leading and organising signature Residents-led events and initiatives. Events such as the SingHealth Hackathon and the annual SIP Bootcamp in June help our medical students prepare for their internships.

We see ourselves as an active 'voice' for fellow Residents – we are not their 'agony aunts'. Instead, we try our best to help raise Residents' concerns or suggestions to the management. So, if you have any concerns or queries for life at SingHealth Residency, do write in to us @, and we'll be glad to help!  

2. What are some exciting plans that the RC has for the coming year?

Dr Sri Karpageshwary & Dr Chew: We have many exciting ideas with this new team.

There is a stronger desire to establish a new initiative on the volunteerism front. Hence, we are working together with our Volunteerism & Welfare subcommittee to come up with an annual Christmas Caroling event at the end of this year that involves medical students, Residents, and various healthcare professionals, with the hopes to bring cheer to our inpatients during the holiday season.

We are also excited to have our first ever Residency Year End Party in November this year! Residents can look forward to enjoying awesome food and drinks, chances to win amazing lucky draw prizes and to witness the first ever Residency Pageant!  We hope that our Residents will take this opportunity to mingle, have fun and get to know one another better in an informal settling.

We are certainly happy to hear from our fellow Residents and future medical students on what we can enhance in the future to make their lives at SingHealth better and more memorable.


3. What do you enjoy most about being in the RC?

Dr Sri Karpageshwary:  I enjoy the opportunity to facilitate brainstorming sessions and execute innovative ideas with my fellow RC members. As the RC is made up of Residents from different specialties, these active discussions have exposed me to many unique ideas and new perspectives, which can even be implemented in my daily clinical practice.  

Dr Chew: The opportunity to get to know new people and make new friends. Contrary to popular belief, our participation in the RC does not just involve menial tasks. It is my second year in the RC, and I can say that the RC is so much more than that. Ultimately, how much you take away from your experience in RC will depend on how much you are willing to invest.



Dr Karpageshwary and Dr Chew with the Residents' Committee 2019/2020


4. Tell us 3 things people don't know about the RC.

Dr Sri Karpageshwary & Dr Chew:

  • People don't know that a Residents' Committee actually exists. Yes we exist, the committee is made up fully of Residents, and we do have real meetings. :)
  • We take feedback seriously. The work that we do and the changes we try to implement usually stem from a single idea that Residents on the ground provide. This makes feedback invaluable. One such success is the book donation drive we spearheaded in 2018.
  • We are just like regular Residents but with a little bit more passion and belief that change can happen. 


5. Being in the RC involves volunteering your personal time. How do you find time to do what you do in the RC?

Dr Sri Karpageshwary: Plan ahead, yet take it one day at a time.

It definitely takes good time management to juggle my commitments in the RC, clinical work and other personal commitments. So, it is important to plan ahead and prioritise the activities that need to be addressed first. I try to strike a good balance in all that I do. I always ensure that I spend and enjoy adequate time with my family and husband!

Dr Chew: Having a great co-chair has helped me juggle my role in the RC and other work and personal commitments a lot easier! Learning to prioritise and delegate tasks appropriately is definitely important. Deliberately taking time out of work and RC commitments, and establishing a strong understanding with my family/close ones have also helped ensure that I don't burn out!

Dr Sri Karpeageshwary with her family

Dr Chew with her  familyDr Chew with her colleagues