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Conferences provide great opportunities for healthcare professionals to share, network, learn and exchage ideas. SingHealth Academy actively organises such events to gather medical and healthcare expertise in quality fellowship and learning activities.

Signature Conferences

  • SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference
    The biennial Education Conference is a highly anticipated landmark event in healthcare education that brings together educators, professionals and trainees from across Singapore and the region. The Conference seeks to foster collaboration, exchange of ideas and best practices in healthcare education to improve patient care.

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  • SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress
    The SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress is a signature event that gathers thought leaders and healthcare professionals, academics and researchers across the various professions. The Congress aims to share insights on the latest medical developments and scientific advances in care, research and education, with an emphasis on improving patient outcomes.

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  • Singapore Healthcare Management Congress

    The Singapore Healthcare Management Congress aims to encourage excellence in healthcare administration for the overarching purpose of advancing patient care. Organised by SingHealth and supported by SingHealth Academy, the Congress gathers thought leaders and professionals from various areas of expertise, such as healthcare management, supply chain management and enterprise risk management, to share insights and best practices. Healthcare administrators also enjoy opportunities to network and discuss current challenges faced. 

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  • SingHealth Duke-NUS Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference

    Organised by SingHealth Duke-NUS Sport & Exercise Medicine Centre (SDSC), the Inaugural SingHealth Duke-NUS  Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference aims to bring together Health Care Professionals from a wide range of specialities to share knowledge and encourage learning and research within Sport and Exercise Medicine fraternity. 

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