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Why SingHealth Residency

Choosing a specialty for Residency training and where you train will determine, to a large extent, the rest of your medical career. It is an important decision and one that we at SingHealth Residency would like to help you to make wisely. SingHealth Residency is committed to nurturing each Resident into a well-rounded Clinician, and more importantly to have a fulfilling career in Medicine.

Leader in Academic Medicine
With a network of acute hospitals, national specialty centres, community hospitals and polyclinics offering over 40 clinical specialties, the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre draws on the collective strengths of SingHealth and Duke-NUS Medical School to drive the transformation of healthcare and provide affordable, accessible and quality healthcare.

As a leader in Academic Medicine, SingHealth offers a thriving culture of scientific discovery and bench-to-bedside research to hone your clinical acumen and develop your scientific inquiry skills for better patient outcomes. This strong consolidation of clinical expertise and medical best practices provides a competitive and holistic learning environment for you.

Wide Range of Patient Case-mix
Patient care is one of SingHealth's three pillars supporting our aim in delivering world-class standards of healthcare to every patient. Millions of patients trust us with their lives every year as we provide quality integrated healthcare that is affordable and accessible. Our diverse and truly extensive case-mix gives you wide exposure to medical conditions and treatments that will enhance your training and learning experience.


Accredited Programmes 

All our Residency programmes are fully accredited under ACGME-I or JCST, which give you the quality training that you need to practice as a competent clinician, pushing the frontiers of Medicine and care innovation.

Joint Partnership with Duke-NUS Medical School
With Academic Medicine and SingHealth's strategic partnership with the Duke-NUS Medical School, we combine the collective strengths of SingHealth's large clinical volumes and expertise with Duke-NUS' biomedical research and medical capabilities. This translates to continuous learning and career development opportunities for our Residents, from grooming Clinician Scientists to transforming healthcare with care innovation as medical leaders.

Research Opportunities
A strong culture of research and innovation cuts across all disciplines in our institutions. Our collaboration with the Duke-NUS Medical School further strengthens the integration of academia, research and the practice of medicine. With the establishment of the Academic Clinical Programmes, our clinicians work in close collaboration with scientists to integrate clinical care, education and research for the improvement of patient care. Residents can work alongside Clinician Scientists to bring research outcomes from bench to bedside. The Academia, together with the National Heart Centre Singapore in Outram Campus, will bring medical education to new heights with their cutting-edge training facilities.

Dedicated and Renowned Faculty
Since the 1900s, SingHealth has groomed generations of healthcare professionals. You will learn from well-known leaders in their respective specialties as you embark on your medical career with SingHealth Residency. Our dedicated pool of Faculty with vast clinical and pedagogy experience, are committed to mentoring and guiding you as they equip you with the skills in becoming an excellent clinician.

Faculty Development
Our Faculty continuously undergo pedagogy development through Faculty Development Programmes provided by the Academic Medicine Education Institute (AM•EI) and Centre for Resident and Faculty Development (CRAFD). In addition, SingHealth leverages on innovative pedagogy methods such as medical simulation, interactive games, digital media and eLearning in Graduate Medical Education (GME). Such resources optimise Residents' learning experiences and effectiveness. Medical simulation is one of our unique teaching methods here at SingHealth. Through simulation of lifelike medical scenarios using hi-fidelity manikins, Residents are able to effectively practise and refine their skills without putting patients at risk.


Benefits of SingHealth Residency Appointment

MOH Holdings Pte Ltd (MOHH) being the Residents' employer will be responsible for payment of Residents' salaries, claims, allowances and other reimbursements. The salary for each Resident shall be in accordance with MOHH's approved salary range/structure for Residents, and will give due recognition to his or her Postgraduate year, previous clinical work experience (if any), assessed calibre, and other relevant determinants.

Financial assistance such as the Personal Training Fund from MOHH is also made available to support Residents when they sign up for training activities such as local and overseas courses, conferences, exams, and medical-related programmes.

In addition to the benefits provided by MOHH, other benefits that are offered by SingHealth as the Sponsoring Institution to ensure Resident welfare are:

  • Supplementary Resident Training Fund (SRTF) for Residents to tap on for exam fees, local and overseas course once the Resident's Personal Training Fund from MOHH has been exhausted
  • Complimentary participation in courses conducted by SingHealth Academy or other SingHealth hospitals
  • Free professional counselling services for Residents who face challenges in the course of Residency training
  • Personal laptop throughout their Residency training years
  • Childcare Benefits for those with children of pre-school age

A copy of the SingHealth Residency Terms and Conditions, which contains details of the benefits and other conditions, can be accessed here