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At SingHealth, Residents can look forward to a vibrant campus life with a wide range of events and activities.​


SingHealth Hackathon (15 & 16 February 2019)

Led by the SingHealth Residents’ Committee (RC), the SingHealth Hackathon is a biennial event that brings together various professionals and students in healthcare to co-create and design new ideas and solutions to enhance our healthcare system. Read more about the past SingHealth Hackathon here.

To register for the next SingHealth Hackathon taking place on 15 & 16 February 2019, click here.


Student Internship Programme (SIP) Boot Camp (6 April 2019)

The SIP Boot Camp is a yearly event organised by the Residents’ Committee (RC) that gathers local medical students and equip them with practical skills and tips to become effective interns and house officers. Medical students may also challenge themselves through various integrated simulation scenarios and develop their core communication skills. Read more about the past event here.

To indicate your interest for the boot camp, email


SingHealth Residency’s Freshmen Orientation (26 & 27 April 2019)

Each year, the Freshmen Orientation welcomes our new Residents* with a series of on-board briefing and fun activities. Through various team-building activities, new Residents bonded with the senior management and Faculty as well as build camaraderie with other Residents as they embark on their journey in Medicine at SingHealth.

*New Residents who have been matched to SingHealth will receive a formal invitation in April once the match results are released.


SingHealth Residency and Medical Subspecialty Senior Residency Open House (20 July 2019)

The SingHealth Residency Open House is an annual platform that showcases the medical Residency programme offerings and development opportunities. Potential residents who are keen to join SingHealth may deepen their understanding for the various medical specialty and subspecialty programmes in SingHealth. Read more about the past year's open house here.

To indicate your interest for the Open House in July 2020, email


Residency in SingHealth Excels (RiSE) Awards (7 August 2019)

The annual Residency in SingHealth Excels (RiSE) Awards celebrates and honours outstanding SingHealth Residents, Faculty, and partners in education for their achievements and exemplary contributions in clinical and academic work.

Click here to view the list of award recipients.


SingHealth Residency Graduation & Best Junior Doctors Awards Ceremony (12 September 2019)

The annual SingHealth Residency Graduation celebrates the graduation of our Residents for the successful completion of their Residency training. At the ceremony, junior doctors are also honoured with the Best Junior Doctor Awards for their outstanding clinical performance and contributions during their postings at the various SingHealth's institutions.

Click here to view the list of SingHealth Residency alumni. Click here to view the list of award recipients for the Best Junior Doctors Awards.


SingHealth Residency Games Day (November)

Organised by the SingHealth Residents’ Committee (RC), the annual SingHealth Residency Games Day gathers Faculty, Residents and medical students to display their athleticism and sportsmanship. After a fun-filled day with highly competitive team activities, the winning programme walks away with the Championship Trophy! Read more about the past event here