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Residents as Future Teachers

Learning is a lifelong process that does not stop when we graduate from Residency training. One of the best ways to learn is to teach. 

SingHealth has a rich teaching and mentoring culture. Many of us teach and impart medical knowledge on a daily basis without realising. This includes peer to peer learning, as well as mentoring the juniors in clinical care. While teaching and mentoring skills do not come naturally to all, these skills can be developed and honed. 

At SingHealth Residency, we aim to equip our Residents with the necessary teaching competencies to nurture their zest for teaching. Those passionate in inspiring and nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals can hone their skills in teaching through the Residents as Future Teachers (RaFT) programmes, offered by the Centre for Resident and Faculty Development (CRAFD) at SingHealth. 

For more information on CRAFD programmes, click here