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Training Resources

Online Resources

For access to SingHealth eLearning Management System, click here

Institutional Libraries 

To serve the education and information needs of all Clinicians, institutional libraries provide current, organised and accessible resources and are open to SingHealth Residents and Faculty. These sites also serve as a space for Residents and Faculty to complete their readings and build their knowledge, supplementing information was gained through trainings. 

  • Education Resource Centre @ Level 3 Academia 
  • KKH Medical Library @ Level 1 Women's Tower
  • CGH Medical Library @ Level 1, Training Centre
  • Department Libraries*

*For more information on the locations of the libraries available for your use, kindly contact your Programme Executive.


Supplementary Residency Training Fund (SRTF)

The Supplementary Resident Training Fund (SRTF) is made available for MOHH-employed Residents, who are onboard the SingHealth Residency Programme. Each eligible Resident can receive up to SGD 1,000 per year of training to support their Residency training activities. This is given as a reimbursement of fees paid for local training courses and examinations.

The SRTF is in addition to the Personal Training Fund (PTF) given by MOHH to MOHH-employed Residents

Travel Grant for Overseas Education Mission Trips

The SingHealth Residency Grant for Overseas Education Mission Trip (“Grant”) is an additional benefit provided to MOHH /SAF employed Residents. This Grant is set up to support and encourage Residents to take their learning beyond the hospital environment and into an overseas community, where they can participate in humanitarian activities with educational value.