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Office of Resident Affairs (ORA)

Greetings from the Office of Resident Affairs (ORA)!

We know how hard our SingHealth Residents work to give patients the best possible care. That’s why, here at ORA, we strive to look after the welfare of every Resident and ensure you have access to the resources and support you needs as you progress in your Residency journey.

While we certainly can’t manage your patients or take your specialty exams for you, you can be sure we will try our best to help you enjoy a well-balanced Residency experience.

Besides organising regular Residents' Committee meetings with our Residents to discuss upcoming plans and activities for the SingHealth Residency programmes, we also support our Residents' educational and social activities. We work closely with local and overseas Singaporean medical students through the medical societies to co-organise and plan events and activities which provide platforms for interaction between students and SingHealth Faculty and Residents.

To ensure our Residents have the best Residency experience, we focus on:

  1. Promoting a safe and conducive learning environment for Residents
  2. Providing resources and services to support Residents’ educational, well-being and social activities
  3. Managing Resident appreciation events
  4. Managing Student and Resident engagement events & activities
  5. Arranging the Supplementary Resident Training Fund (SRTF) for Residents
  6. Arranging travel grants for overseas education mission trips
  7. Managing feedback channels for Residents on matters related to their training
  8. Communicating with Residents and medical students through our Facebook page, website, medical students e-newsletter and internal Residency e-bulletins

Whether you are a medical student, House Officer, Medical Officer or a Resident, we look forward to meeting you at one of our SingHealth Residency events in the near future!


Contact ORA

Ms Kayel Peariahsamy

Office of Resident Affairs, SingHealth Residency

Tel: 6557 6766