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Pathology Residency Programme

About the Programme

SingHealth has a strong heritage in clinical service, medical education and research excellence. Generations of Anatomic Pathologists practicising in both public and private sectors have trained and worked in our department. Our dynamic and rigorous SingHealth Pathology Residency programme continues this golden tradition of nurturing highly competent pathologists who make a difference in healthcare.

Pathology is the foundational basis of all medical and surgical disciplines, and plays a crucial role in diagnostics work. Bring out the sleuth in you, and solve disease-related medical puzzles using sound scientific principles and cutting edge technologies. Only by understanding diseases, can we advance medical treatment. 

The SingHealth Pathology Residency programme is designed to ensure that Faculty is fully committed to training outcomes. Our team of experienced Faculty staff will bring you through a structured and well-organised training curriculum that will help you achieve your goal of becoming a highly competent Anatomic Pathologist.  

Why Choose Pathology?

Extensive and Wide Case-mix in the SingHealth Family

As part of the largest public healthcare cluster in Singapore, you will experience a comprehensive patient case-mix; from routine garden-variety cases to rare complex entities across diverse medical and surgical subspecialties. With SingHealth, you will have unparalleled exposure, allowing one to obtain the ocular mileage required for a competent pathologist. In the era of personalised medicine and advances in the human genome understanding, you will also discover the wonder of molecular pathology. In addition, you will experience digital pathology and be at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in pathology.

Internationally Renowned Faculty Staff

Tap on the minds of our outstanding pool of Faculty staff. With many years of clinical service, medical education and research; their experience will make your learning fruitful and exciting. Many of our Faculty staff also hold academic positions with the various medical schools in Singapore, and are actively involved in academic activities - locally and internationally. 

Our Faculty staff are well-represented on the various training colleges and committees, including Pathology Residency Advisory Committee (RAC), Royal College of Pathologies of Australasia (RCPA) and Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) from United Kingdom. In addition, SingHealth invests heavily in Faculty Development events that ensure our Faculty uses the best pedagogy approaches to maximise learning. 

Dynamic Pathological Training Experience 

The SingHealth Residency Pathology Programme adopts a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to training. Residents can look forward to a dynamic training experience that includes activities such as supervised sign-outs, in-house teaching sessions, multidisciplinary clinical meetings, hospital-wide clinico-pathological conferences and more. Scholarly activity is also strongly encouraged.

Translational Research - Bridge between Basic and Clinical Sciences

Our re-location to the twin-towered state-of-art Academia building in 2013 marks an important milestone for our 118 year-old department. Academia is designed to provide close proximity between basic science research and clinical research in one complex. The Academia facilities increase interconnectivity between Clinician Scientists, post-doctoral researchers and clinicians, with Pathology at a heartbeat. This harnesses strengths to inspire better healthcare discovery and delivery.

Anchoring the diagnostics tower, our Division consists of 10 different specialised laboratories such as clinical biochemistry, haematopathology, cytogenetics, histopathology, cytopathology, diagnostic bateriology, molecular pathology, virology, central TB, serology and immunology.

Your Career Prospects & Development

Exciting career options are available post-exit. As an Academic Medical Centre, SingHealth is poised to offer a bright future for individuals that xcel in the tripod of clinical service, medical education and research. We are actively searching for committed and dynamic individuals to join us.