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About the Programme

The Surgery-in-General (SIG) caters for Residents who have an interest in pursuing a specialist surgical training in SingHealth. The programme aims to give Residents a strong grounding in the fundamentals of Surgical Science and Practice over two years, prior to entering advanced training in the individual specialties.

Surgical Specialties

  • Singapore Integrated Programme (SGIP) for Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Singapore Integrated Programme (SGIP) for Neurosurgery
  • Singapore Integrated Programme (SGIP) for Plastic Surgery
  • Singapore Integrated Programme (SGIP ) for Paediatric Surgery
  • Urology

For more information on the respective surgical specialties, click on the tabs located on the right.

Your Learning Experience 

Having been carefully crafted and coordinated by the team, the programme is tailored to the requirements for training the various disciplines. The programme provides a seamless track to specialist training and Residents who graduate from the SIG Programme will move on to a four or five-year programme in their chosen specialty.

After completion of their specialty training, they will be on track to be promoted to Associate Consultants in the restructured hospitals in Singapore.

Sample Rotation Chart