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Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1)

About the Programme

Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1) forms the first year of postgraduate training after medical school. It aims to:

  • Develop you into a competent and empathetic doctor
  • Provide a diverse and structured training with broad-based clinical experience while ensuring adequate supervision and learning opportunities to equip you with the necessary medical knowledge and clinical skills
  • Create an opportunity for you to rotate to various clinical specialties in order to gain exposure to an expansive range of clinical cases and interact with specialists from different fields

Why Choose SingHealth PGY1?

If you are a focused individual, a solid team player and willing to work hard, we believe you can benefit a lot from being a SingHealth PGY1.

Crossing Disciplines Across the Cluster 
SingHealth offers the largest number of clinical specialties and the most comprehensive patient case-mix in Singapore. You can look forward to enhancing your confidence and sharpening your mind and skills as a physician as you take on a wide spectrum of clinical cases.

Tailor Your Education for the Right Fit
Take your pick from a wide range of specialties and subspecialties! We have a variety of academic activities which include educational conferences and topic reviews.

Outstanding Faculty as Dedicated Mentors
SingHealth has a pool of outstanding Faculty who are well-known leaders in their respective specialties. Always ready to share their knowledge and insights, our dedicated mentors are passionate about nurturing future generations of physicians.

Welfare and Benefits
As a SingHealth PGY1, you have access to the welfare and benefits provided for our Residents.

Your Career Prospects & Development

Make the most of the opportunity to rotate to various clinical specialties during your PGY1 training. You will gain a wide range of exposure to hone your fundamental clinical skills while acquiring invaluable experience as a clinician – you will be empowered to choose your area of specialisation!