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I think this Congress is unique in
the sense that you get to hear
so many people here in this Academic Medical Centre. It
brings everybody together under
the same umbrella, the roof of Academic Medicine.








~ Prof Victor Dzau 
President, National Academy of Medicine, USA


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Patient Safety Symposium
Transforming Patient Safety and Quality with Effective Use of Data

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 22 Sep 2018


 Time: 1400 - 1530

Location: Academia, Level 1, L1-S1

Quality is a line deliverable in healthcare and an essential aspect of service delivery at all levels to ensure patient safety. In order to track Quality Improvement, outcomes have to be measured. Use of measurable data enables objective assessment of whether change and improvement have indeed occurred. As data capabilities become increasingly revolutionised in today’s healthcare environment, safe care becomes increasingly complex.

The effective use of data not only enables us to accurately articulate problem statements; it also assists leadership to make decisions and identify priorities. This is paramount to the function of safety and quality in any health service.


SingHealth Cluster Wide Systematic Audits on Hand Hygiene Compliance and Environmental Hygiene Performance for Safe Care


Speaker: Prof Tan Kok Hian



Development of National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) for High Quality Care


Using Data to Deliver Care More Efficiently and Improve the Patient Experience


Speaker: Ms Lee Chen Ee



Optimising the Presentation and Visualisation of Clinical and Patient Safety Data for Improvement of Care – From Dashboard to Story Board


Speaker: Ms Pang Nguk Lan



Managing Patient Safety Culture Data & Quality Improvement

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