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The Congress has a really great atmosphere; there are plenty of speakers and a lot of good stuff going on, such as updates on simulations and learning, updates on education in the various fields, empowerment. All these are actually key topics and highly debatable issues in the field so far.









~ Mr Tay Yi Xiang 
Radiographer, Diagnostic Radiology, Singapore General Hospital



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Dear colleagues and friends,


Welcome to the 5th SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress taking place on the 21st and 22nd September 2018 at Academia. 

The myriad of research activities happening in healthcare in the last couple of years is tremendous. Building on the success of the 2016 Congress, we are excited to present the 2018 Congress with the theme "Academic Medicine: Translating Research into Clinical Practice". This theme brings a strong emphasis on the translation from research findings into the clinical setting to provide integrated care that truly matters to our patients. We have also invited researchers, educators and learners to contribute and help shape the Congress programme based on the theme. We are pleased to have received an overwhelming response for the proposal submissions on a wide range of scientific topics for the Congress. 

The Scientific Congress is a unique platform to share healthcare challenges and research findings on the latest medical developments and scientific advances in Academic Medicine with the aim to improve patient outcomes. This year, we are honoured to invite Professor Mary E Klotman, Dean of the Duke University School of Medicine, as the keynote speaker. Her rich expertise and innovative leadership in Infectious Diseases and Molecular Virology are inspirational and we believe her insights would provide exciting and fresh perspectives to build excellence in Academic Medicine. 

Our two-day programme is filled with an exciting lineup of plenary sessions and symposiums, which will cover a breadth and depth of medical care, innovation education, research and interprofessional collaboration. The diversity in disciplines will allow for a fresh look at age-old problems and translate new medical solutions into clinical practice. The key to any successful ‘science’ comes from the vibrancy in participation, sharing of diverse views and collaboration across expertise. It is thus our hope that the Congress will stimulate discussions and the cross-fertilisation of ideas. 

The Congress brings together the community of best minds in medicine and new ideas into the clinical setting. Whether you are a clinician, researcher or educator, the Congress will challenge your thinking and inspire your passion for research to advance towards our goal of improving health outcomes. We hope that you can look forward to valuable networking opportunities with like-minded researchers and clinicians, gain new insights and inspiration. 

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we look forward to seeing you at Academia in Singapore as we advance tomorrow’s medicine!

Assoc Prof Aaron Wong Sung Lung

Co-organising Chairperson,  
SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress 2018


Head & Senior Consultant,
Department of Cardiology,
National Heart Centre Singapore

Prof Ooi Eng Eong


Co-organising Chairperson,
SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress 2018


Programme Deputy Director,
Emerging Infectious Diseases Programme,
​Duke-NUS Medical School