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Clinical Research - Junior (All Submitted Abstracts)

Abstract Ref. No.Title
00139Effectivness of Two Cryotherapy Modalities on Pain Relief and Knee Range of
00142Conus Ridge in Extreme High Myopia Is Associated With Glaucoma
00146Techniques to Prevent Cough at Tracheal Extubation During Emergence From General Anaesthesia: A Meta-analysis
00150Prevalence, Risk Factors and Impact of Myopic Macular Degeneration on Visual Impairment and Functioning Among Adults in Singapore
00154Parental Perceptions of Clinical Research in Paediatric Surgery: A Pilot Study
00155A Case of Intraoperative Tracheal Compression Following Ruptured Penetrating Thoracic Aortic Ulcer
00157The Incidence and Causes of Peritonitis Among Peritoneal Dialysis Patients: A Retrospective Medical Record Review.
00164Comprehensive Assessment of Glucose, Lipid and Amino Acid Metabolism in Asian Individuals With Morbid Obesity Following Sleeve Gastrectomy
00167Current Anaesthetic Practices for Elective Endovascular Abdominal Aneurysm Repair in a Tertiary Hospital in Singapore
00172Teleophthalmology Screening in the Community Using a Hand-held Fundus Camera
00173Factors Associated With Successful Decannulation After Paediatric Tracheostomy
00174An Overview of Lower Limb Cellulitis in an Acute Medical Ward in Singapore- A Few Lessons We Can Learn
00175Adjuvant Psycho-behavioural Therapy in Patients Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease Who Experience Freezing-of-gait: A Randomised Controlled Pilot Trial
00179A Retrospective Study of Fluid Prescribing Practice in Critically Ill Adult Patients
00180Evaluating the Relationship Between Vancomycin Trough Concentration and 24-hour Area Under the Concentration-time Curve in Neonates
00187Retrospective Quality of Life Study in Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma Patients in an Asian Population
00192Public Attitudes Towards Mobile Health in Singapore: A Cross-sectional Study
00196Relationship Between Sleep and Dry Eye Symptoms in Singapore Malays and Indians
00198Orthodontic Treatment in National Dental Centre of Singapore: Trend Towards Higher Proportion of Adult Patients
00200Multiplex Immunohistochemistry for Evaluating Mitoses in Asian Triple Negative Breast Cancers
00201One-stop Integrated Multidisciplinary Care for Patients With Parkinson's Disease: A Randomised Controlled Pilot Study.
00203Utility of Bronchoalveolar Lavage in the Management of Immunocompromised Patients With Lung Infiltrates
00209TORP Ossiculoplasty in the Presence of an Intact Stapes Superstructure- A Pilot Study and a Review of Literature
00211Role of Ki-67 in Asian Triple Negative Breast Cancers: A Novel Combinatory Panel Approach
00218The Effects of Motor Imagery on Pain and Range of Motion in Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Systematic Review With Meta-analysis
00219Detection of Copy Number Aberrations and Loss of Heterozygosity in Wilms Tumour Dna Samples From Formalin-fixed Paraffin-embedded Tissue Using Molecular Inversion Probe-based Array
00226Infectious Complications in First Three Cycles of Azacitidine Did Not Negatively Impact Overall Survival of Myelodysplastic Syndrome Patients
00229Validation of the Triage Scales: Emergency Severity Index Versus the Patient Acuity Category Scale in a Singapore Emergency Department
00231Hypoxic Burden and Poor Sleep Efficiency Predict Moderate-severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Among Patients Referred for Sleep Studies
00235A Retrospective Descriptive Study of Survival Outcomes and Adverse Events  in Palliative Clinical Trials for Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients
00237Sepsis Mortality Prediction Using Heart Rate Variability
00238Case of Persistent Corneal Epithelial Defect in a Lady With Prolonged Treatment for Ocular Graft-versus-host Disease
00239Assessment of Singapore Emergency Department Sepsis (SEDS) Model for Predicting Disease Severity Among Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department With Suspected Sepsis
00241A Comparison of Tools in the Identification of Febrile Infants Younger Than 3 Months Old at Risk of Serious Infections
00246Dermoscopy for Pigmented Basal Cell Carcinoma in Asian Patients
00252The Impact of Stroke on Sexual Functioning of Post Stroke Patients
00254Impact of Pain-related TMD on Quality of Life of Orthognathic Patients
00258Bleeding Complications Following Percutaneous Liver Biopsy
00259Safety and Efficacy of Venetoclax as Treatment in Patients With Poor Risk Acute Myeloid Leukemia – A Single Centre Experience
00260Pediatric Retinal Detachment in an Asian Population With High Prevalence of Myopia: Clinical Characteristics, Surgical Outcomes and Prognostic Factors
00263Long Term Survival and Decision Making for the Retention of Endodontically Treated Cracked Teeth (A 10-15 Years Study)
00266Predicting Surgical Risk in Colorectal Cancer Surgery: A Validation and Comparison of Different Surgical Risk Scoring Models in a Singapore District Hospital
00268The Burden of Recurrent Fragility Fractures in a Regional Hospital in Singapore
00270Differences in Bone Mineral Density and Trabecular Bone Score in Hip Fracture Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
00282Adverse Drug Reaction Following Ingestion of a Lysozyme-containing Mucolytic in a Child With Egg Allergy: A Case Report 
00285Understanding Illness Experience, Long-term Consequences and Unmet Supportive Care Needs After Surviving Colorectal Cancer: A Qualitative Study
00294Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of Direct Anticoagulants Versus Warfarin in Patients With Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation - A Single Centre Retrospective Cohort Study in Singapore
00295Healthcare Professionals' Knowledge, Perceptions and Practices in Prevention and Transmission of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus in an Acute Care Setting: A Cross-sectional Study
00299The Epidemiology of Urinary Tract Infection in a Singapore Teaching Hospital: Results of an Audit of Urine Cultures
00301Clinical Evaluation of Laryngeal Tube and Laryngeal Mask Airway for Cardiac Arrest Treatment in Emergency Ambulances in Singapore

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