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Simulation Facilities at Academia
(SGH Campus)

The simulation facility at Academia on the SGH campus is the largest in SingHealth, co-located within the three levels of training and conference facilities in Academia. The facility is fully wired audio-visually to enable live streaming, real-time recording and debriefing, and has been strategically designed to cater to a large variety of specialty training as well as facilitate immersive hospital operation training. 

The facilities include: 

  • First-of-its-kind 'wet' and 'dry' skills laboratories in one building
  • A Surgical Simulation Room equipped with a wide range of simulators to sharpen clinical skills
  • A Therapy Skills Training Laboratory for the training of allied health professionals
  • A comprehensive range of laboratories, which includes a simulated Operating Theatre (OT), Intensive Care Units (ICUs), Emergency Room, Consultation Clinics, etc. 
  • A dedicated space fully equipped with a wide array of Extended Reality (XR) solutions and cutting-edge gaming equipment

Skills Laboratories

Academia's skills laboratories offer a sophisticated suite of tools and systems that healthcare professionals can access to hone their skills. They harness the latest technologies, which are utilised for the specific purpose of improving patient outcomes.

Wet Clinical Skills Lab.

  • One of the largest clinical skills laboratories in the region, it can accommodate up to 48 surgical tables or 3 concurrent surgical workshops
  • Comprehensive range of surgery tools, cadaver dissection tables and cadaveric specimens
  • Contains an OR 1 Neo that is linked to another 10 surgical operating towers that can be used simultaneously to train surgeons
  • Modular system with fully reconfigurable furniture to support multiple training sessions at the same time
  • Double up as test beds for the development of new surgical techniques
  • Multi-camera, multi-screen video display/recording system, with remote observation and control room for telemedicine

Dry Clinical Skills Lab

  • Can accomodate up to 21 surgical tables or 2 concurrent surgical & non-surgical workshops


Surgical Simulation Training Centre....

  • Furnished with simulation equipment, ranging from basic task trainers (e.g. suturing pads) to high fidelity simulators for minimally invasive endoscopic and endovascular procedures
  • Performance tracking allows for easy evaluation of skills of trainees
  • Available 24 hours for the convenience of trainees

Mini Hospital

The Mini Hospital comprises the following:


Simulated Operating Theatre

  • Replica of a typical operating theatre with a fully functional integrated ​operating system
  • Computerised manikins that mimic the symptoms and distress of real patients
  • Simulates emergency situations


Simulated I​​ntensive Care Unit (ICU).

  • Two simulation rooms with manikins and actual medical equipment for realistic practice
  • Simulates different medical conditions and situations found in real-life ICU scenarios
  • Sessions are recorded for post-event evaluation and improvement

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Simulated Specialist Outpatient Clinic (SOC).

  • Replica of four typical SOCs
  • Flexible design to allow easy conversion into different clinical settings.
  • One-wa​y windows and advanced audio visual monitoring systems for observation and feedback

Dedicated Hub for Immersive Learning

Located in Academia (SGH campus), the SIMS i3 Hub is a dedicated space fully equipped with a wide array of Extended Reality (XR) solutions and cutting-edge gaming equipment, offering healthcare professionals immersive and interactive learning experiences to hone their clinical skills and competencies in a risk-free environment. Different types of extended reality headsets like Occulus Quest, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens as well as gaming computers and tablets are available for training purposes. Find out more here.