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Simulation Facilities at SKH

Intensive Care Unit
Clinical Education Hub, SKH

Operating Theatre
Clinical Education Hub, SKH

The Clinical Education Hub (CEH) at Sengkang General Hospital has an integrated setup that includes Allied Health, Medical and Nursing training facilities. The CEH supports immersive training for the outpatient consultation, in-patient care, operating theatre, intensive and step-down-care environments.

SKH offers the following simulated environment setups and respective training tools:

  • Medical Consultation – Physical examination equipment
  • Allied Health Consultation & Therapy – Therapy table and physiotherapy aids
  • Nursing Simulation – SimMan 3G
  • In-patient Ward – Advanced ResusciAnne Skills Trainers
  • In-patient Single Room – Nursing Kelly and Wound models
  • High Dependency Room – SimMan 3G Trauma
  • Intensive Care Room – SimMan 3G
  • Operating Theatre – CAE HPS
  • Induction and Scrub Room – Blue Phantom Models for Central Line, Epidural/LP, Abdominal Paracentesis, Femoral Line, and Chest Drainage.
  • Surgical Simulators – Laparoscopic, Endoscopy and Nephro-Urology Simulators

Classroom Training Facilities:

  • 1 Auditorium
  • 4 Training Rooms
  • 2 Seminar Rooms – Routed with B-Line Recording system*
  • 5 Debriefing Areas
*Activity playback for post-simulation debriefing is facilitated by the B-Line recording system.

Simulation activities can also be conducted beyond the CEH compound. Training hardware are also allocated at clinical areas for in situ simulation training of healthcare professionals.


For more information, please contact Mr. Mohd. Arif Sa'at at