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Interprofessional Education (IPE)

A hallmark of a high-performing healthcare team is their ability to collaborate effectively with different healthcare professions to provide effective patient care. As part of SingHealth's aim to develop a collaborative practice-ready healthcare workforce, an increasing emphasis is being placed on Interprofessional Education (IPE). IPE activities and initiatives provide opportunities for healthcare professionals to learn with, from and about one another to improve collaboration and the quality of care. 

IPE Events and Workshops 

SingHealth Academy and its Colleges/Institute organise IPE events and workshops to encourage Interprofessional Collaboration and Practice (IPCP). Workshops focus on different areas of care, bringing together the expertise of the various healthcare professions to formulate effective and comprehensive care plans. Through intra and interprofessional sharing in small groups, participants grow in their understanding of the different roles and challenges faced by the various members in a healthcare team.

SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC IPE 101 Toolkit

The SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC IPE 101 toolkit was developed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge to kickstart IPE activities or initiatives at their workplaces. Find out more about the toolkit here (for SingHealth staff only).

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