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Course Design & Development

SingHealth Academy aims to promote teaching excellence and effective learning by developing online curriculum that is interactive, engaging and promotes active learning.

This eLearning approach can also reduce time spent on classroom didactic lessons, thus allowing learners to fully optimise face to face interactions with educators.

What We Do

The team provides consultation services to educators on the use of appropriate learning design methods, and integrated technologies, to complement their pedagogy and improve learning outcomes. After which, the team develops educational course content customised to user needs.

The team will work closely with educators to design, develop and implement the course through the following:

  1. Perform Content Analysis: The team performs content analysis to redesign classroom teachings into online or mobile learning courses.

  2. Review Learning Objectives: The team identifies the learning objectives in existing teaching approaches and suggests new ideas, solutions and blended approaches to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

  3. Create Prototype: The team develops interactive coursewares or packages and outlines the content in a meaningful and effective ways for learners.

  4. Implement Course: The developed interactive course packages are tested and uploaded to SingHealth eLearning Management System. This portal allows educators to upload learning materials and create assessments, and also allows learners to access their learning content anytime, anywhere, using laptops and mobile devices.

How We Do

The development process for one course module is summarised in the diagram below.

Development Process

Three Levels of Interactivity

Level 1: Basic Entry Level
Convert Powerpoint slides into online courseware, which includes voice narration and quiz with instant feedback.

Level 2: Interactive Learning
Customised interactive design which includes voice narration and quiz with instant feedback.

Level 3: Decision-making, Complex Interactive Learning
Customised interactive design with case studies and/or scenarios with branching questions.

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