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2D/3D Medical Animation

SingHealth Academy offers the following services for healthcare education and training:

  • 2D Medical Animation Services brings to life many technical theories by transforming them into learning scenarios. It is useful in explaining detailed anatomy, treatment processes, physiology and other health related areas. Videos animated using motion graphics can inject life into everyday lectures, and are useful tools to arouse the interest of your learners, engaging them as they learn.

  • 3D Medical Animation Services allows us to create and visualise what cannot always be seen in actual medical settings. Healthcare professionals make use of 3D recreations of organs, human anatomy etc. to analyse problem that they may face. This allows them to tackle the problem from another perspective that is not readily available to them in flat images. 3D animation is also often used to depict medical processes or to illustrate a medical concept such as prototype implants.

Click here to see video samples for 2D & 3D Medical Animations.
(Note: This link is viewable by SingHealth staff only on the Intranet).

Three Levels of Complexity

Level 1: Static image of the subject or scene without texturing will be delivered in JPEG format.
Level 2: Virtual camera movement with depth and subject animation with texture. May be blended with photographs or video footage if required.
Level 3: Complex virtual camera movement with detailed subject animation. A blend between 2D, 3D animation and video footages can be combined.

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