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SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference 2019 Abstract Listing

Education Stories (e-Poster of All Accepted Abstracts)

Abstract Ref. No. ​Title
ES-10001​Paediatric Oncology Nursing Programme: Children Cancer Course for Nurses (C3N)
ES-10002​An Interdisciplinary Approach to Public Health Teaching: Reflections on Curriculum and Assessment
ES-10003​Developing Academic Culture Among Division of Medicine (DOM) Administrators
​ES-10004​Enthusing Faculty on the Need for Curriculum Review – Problems and Solutions?
ES-10005​Designing a Structured CPE Framework for Staff Development in Inpatient Pharmacy
ES-10006​A Model for Medical Librarians, Educators & Faculty Collaboration: Bringing Information Literacy into the Classroom
ES-10007​Developing an Internship Training Programme for Pre-registration Pharmacists/Pharmacy Undergraduates
ES-10008​Faculty Development eLearning Package – Standardising Post-Graduate Year 1 (PGY 1) Resident Assessment
​ES-10009​Introduction of Team-based Learning Pedagogy in Pre-clinical Teaching of Oral Health Therapy Students
ES-10010​The Use of a Train-the-Trainers Model to Educate Non-Dental Healthcare Professionals in Oral Care
​​ES-10011​Team-based Learning at Alfaisal University: Where We Are Now and How Did We Get There?
​​ES-10012​Teaching Research Methods Through a Blended-Experiential Learning Approach
​​ES-10013​Translating Theoretical Knowledge to Real-world Clinical Settings
​​ES-10014​Incorporating Needs Assessments to Enhance Peer Teaching in Singhealth Internal Medicine Junior Residency
​​ES-10015​Educational Media
​​ES-10016​Reinventing Cytogenetics Learning Initiatives: Is eLearning Worth the Extra Effort?
​​ES-10018​The Physicians Journey – A Single Institution Approach to Addressing the Needs of Residents Tackling PACES Through Preparation in CADENCE
​​ES-10019​A Pilot Project on Crossing Training within Department of CMU (Clinical Measurement Unit)
​​ES-10020​Turning Challenge Into Growth: Training Medical Student Resilience
ES-10021​Creating the Dream Team: A New Curriculum Training Critical Teamwork Skills
ES-10022​Developing a Needs-based Faculty Development Workshop for Physicians
ES-10023​Medical Programme Evaluation
ES-10024​Bringing Residents and Faculty Members Together as a Family: The Casa Initiative
ES-10025​Increase Preceptors' Level of Confidence in Identifying Students Who Require Close Supervision at the Early Phase of the Pre-registration Consolidated Placement (PRCP)
​​ES-10027​The Birth of Pre-Hospital Emergency Services (PHEMS) Programme
​​ES-10028​Organ Transplant Nursing Course
ES-10029​The Experience of Creating a Blended Learning Programme in the Physiotherapy Department of KK Women's & Children's Hospital
ES-10030​Feed a Man a Fish or Teach a Man to Fish
​ES-10031​Teaching Residents to Teach: The Feasibility of a Resident-led Medical Education Development Programme
​ES-10032​Using Interprofessional Education to Enhance Interprofessional Collaboration in a Sexual Health Clinic
ES-10033​Hands-on First Aid Training Benefits Nepali Students During an Overseas Medical Trip to Nepal
​ES-10034​Reframing of NCCS Chemotherapy Training Programme
ES-10035​Leave No Doctor Behind: A Review of the Newly Launched Personal and Professional Development Programme for Duke-NUS Medical School Students
ES-10036​High Performance CPR: Multi-D Approach
ES-10037​Singapore Neonatal Resuscitation Course (SNRC) – Journey to a National Programme and the Road Ahead
​ES-10038​Promoting Interprofessional Education in the First Year of Health Professions Education
​ES-10039​Palliative Care Training: Beyond Hospital to Community; Beyond Specialist to Generalist