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One of the nice features of this congress is the interprofessional participation. The sessions bring together all members of the team such as the physicians, nurses and therapists, which is really how it works in healthcare as well.








~ Prof Ruth Kleinpell-Nowelln 
Director, Center for Clinical Research & Scholarship, Rush University Medical Center, USA


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Infectious Disease Symposium
AMR, Microbiome and Vaccines: More Than a Gut Feeling?

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 22 Sep 2018


 Time: 0935 - 1105

Location: Academia, Level 2, L2-S3 & L2-S4

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is rapidly emerging as a major public health challenge worldwide, causing extensive morbidity, mortality and economic cost while eroding the range of therapeutic options to treat infections. One of the important reservoir of AMR genes is the human microbiome. Vaccines are often seen as one of the possible ways to limit the spread of AMR. At the same time, there is increasing suspicion that the microbiome modulates vaccine-mediated immune responses. Experimental data has been generated in animal models, but compelling evidence in human remains scarce, perhaps because of the challenges in designing appropriate studies. Nonetheless, AMR, microbiome and vaccines are intricately linked in a way that is not fully understood yet and deserves more attention.

This session will explore the complex interplay between AMR, microbiome and vaccines, highlighting the current stage of knowledge, challenges in the field and suggesting possible directions for future research. The session will cover:
(i) the interaction between the microbiome and vaccines,
(ii) the relation between vaccines and AMR,
(iii) how the activation of host targets can limit AMR spread, and
(iv) considerations for clinical trial design for AMR studies.


Exploring Links between the Gut Microbiome and Vaccines


Speaker: Dr Norman Pavelka



Impact of Vaccines on Antimicrobial Resistance


Speaker: Dr Philippe Buchy



Tackling the Complexity of AMR in Hospital Pathogens


Speaker: Asst Prof Swaine Chen


Clinical Trial Design for Therapeutics Against AMR


Speaker: Prof Nicholas Iain James Paton


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