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Singapore Neonatal Resuscitation Course


SNRC (Singapore Neonatal Resuscitation Course) is organised and run by the Department of Neonatal and Development Medicine in SGH to provide knowledge and practical skills in Basic Resuscitation. It is a full-day workshop that integrates the principles of neonatal resuscitation and basic skills of resuscitation. Participants also get to enjoy hands-on training at practical stations and scenario simulation of resuscitation.

Course Objectives

Participants will:

  • Be equipped with the knowledge and skills of neonatal resuscitation
  • Be able to translate written guidelines into effective action through simulated resuscitation
  • Have an opportunity to use an interactive simulator manikin with realistic newborn traits and lifelike clinical feedback


Target Audience

Medical professionals involved in care of newborns.

Date & Time

8 April 2020 (Re-Certification)

8:00am - 2:00pm

9 April 2020 (Provider Programme)

8:00am - 5.30pm


Course Fees (Inclusive of GST)

​SingHealth Staff​Non-SingHealth Staff
​Re-Certification Programme ​S$200​S$280
Provider Programme​S$280​S$380

Payment details will be advised upon successful registration.


20 College Road, Singapore 169856 (Located in SGH Campus) 


To register, please email 

In line with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), please note that we have updated our SingHealth Data Protection Policy, a copy of which is available at Hard copies are also available on request.

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