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Optimising Learning With Task Trainers (OLTT)

Teaching and learning of procedures and/or surgical operations involves the development of knowledge, psychomotor and cognitive skills. Simulation improves patient safety as it allows learning and practice away from the patient. In simulation, task trainers like suturing sets, intubation models, catheter insertion models are often used to teach basic skills. Laparoscopic box trainers, computerised endoscopy units, animal and/or cadaveric models can also be used to teach more advanced surgical skills. Optimal use of task trainers in skills development involves using effective teaching methods in a well-designed curriculum that is integrated with the overall curriculum for the learners.


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the benefits and limitations of using task trainers in skills development 
  • Describe models of skills development and training
  • Describe the role of feedback in task-trainer based skills development
  • Design a learning plan that uses a task trainer to support the development of a skill

Target Audience

  • Educators who are responsible for creating programmes for development of procedural/surgical skills in their learners 
  • Educators who teach procedural/surgical skills using task trainers 

Date & Time

Oct 2019 


20 College Road, Singapore 169856 (Located in SGH Campus) 


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