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9th SingHealth Maternal Medicine Course (Virtual)

Maternal Medicine, also known as Obstetric Medicine, is a very important part of obstetric and general medicine practice. It covers the medical complications and conditions occurring in pregnancy. A significant proportion of maternal morbidity and mortality has one or more underlying medical conditions, and in developed countries medical disorders such as cardiac disease have emerged to become leading causes of maternal mortality.

Women with pre‐existing medical conditions often have concerns on how the condition affects their babies and pregnancy and vice versa, and a major clinical challenge we face is managing and counselling these mothers. This challenge is not unique to obstetricians, but also applies to physicians and general practitioners who look after women with medical issues who may be pregnant, or are contemplating pregnancy. Indeed, women's healthcare in pregnancy, in this era of multidisciplinary and multi‐professional care, is relevant to all healthcare disciplines including anesthesia, pharmacy, nursing and midwifery.

Our original plan of holding the 9th Maternal Medicine Course in mid-2020 was put on hold in view of the global pandemic. Since then we have been exploring and reconsidering our options. We are now intending to resurrect our plans by having a virtual course. We intend for this course to be every bit as good if not better than our previous courses. We will have still renowned international faculty from overseas Centres of Excellence, in addition to our local experts contributing to an exciting scientific programme featuring the latest evidence-based management of medical disorders in pregnancy. A virtual platform also brings new opportunities and benefits, and rest assured we will continue to have Interactive case studies and discussions, which have enjoyed much positive feedback in previous courses.

We hope to continue to have your support and look forward to seeing you all, albeit virtually!

Course Objective

  • Mastering the essentials of common and important medical problems in pregnancy
  • Keeping current with controversies in management of diabetes in pregnancy
  • Counselling mothers with medical conditions
  • Understanding common misconceptions with radiology and imaging for the pregnant woman
  • Key take home messages from panel discussion of real life challenging obstetric medicine cases with interactive participation from the audience.

Target Audience

  • Obstetricians
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellows
  • Physicians involved in the care of pregnant women
  • Endocrinologists
  • Anaesthetists 
  • General practitioners / Nurses / Pharmacists
  • OBGYN & Internal Medicine residents and trainees 

Programme Structure

The programme consists of 4 modular sessions. There will be 2 modules per day; one in the morning, one in the late afternoon. Each module is 2.5 hours.

Date & Time

Thursday & Friday, 20 & 21 May 2021

Timing of each of the sessions will be made available at a later date

Registration Deadline: 6 May 2021

Course Fees (GST Inclusive)


(All 4 sessions without lecture recordings)

​SGD 107

(All 4 sessions with lecture recordings made available for viewing up to 1 month post-course)

​SGD 160.50


To register, please email

In line with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), please note that we have updated our SingHealth Data Protection Policy, a copy of which is available at Hard copies are also available on request.

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