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SingHealth ENT Head & Neck Instructional Course Fortnight

The ENT Instructional Courses started in 1995 in SGH, and have expanded over the years to include more subspecialty courses and inter-hospital collaboration. This is the first year that SGH, CGH, SKH and KKH have worked together to organize the inaugural SingHealth ENT Instructional Course Fortnight, bringing together talent across all of the SingHealth ENT Departments over 2 weeks of lectures and dissection courses. Combining both renown international faculty and local talent, this series of surgical courses have been a staple for residents and practicing ENT surgeons around the region, looking for an update of their medical knowledge and hands-on dissection. The courses provide ample opportunities for participants to progress at their own level, starting from basic surgical steps, but also covering advanced techniques for those wanting to pursue subspecialty practice.


21 August - 3 September 2023

Please note that early bird closes on 30 June, register now!

Workshop Name​
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course

The course aims to provide an update on the advances of medical and surgical
management of diseases of the sinonasal cavity and the anterior skull base.
21 - 23 Aug 2023
Thyroid US & RFA Workshop

The ultrasound is a simple, non-invasive and yet powerful tool that can help clinicians make a quick diagnosis in their clinic. A good understanding of the thyroid and other relevant neck anatomy on ultrasound facilitates interventional procedures which are becoming commonplace in the management of thyroid and other neck diseases.
21 Aug 2023
Improving Outcomes in Head & Neck Surgery Hybrid Symposium

Head & Neck Surgery is an ever-evolving field, and change in practice is often driven by new and emerging technologies. The symposium aims to update the ENT and Head & Neck surgeons on both available and upcoming technology that is aimed at facilitating management of head & neck diseases and
improving outcomes.
​22 Aug 2023
Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course

In this course, be prepared to be amazed at the anatomical detail the endoscope can reveal about the middle ear and beyond. This 2-day programme will showcase the entire breadth of ear surgery procedures that can be performed with the endoscope. Learn how the endoscope can complement traditional microscopic methods in Otologic surgeries as you embark on your own endoscopic ear surgery journey!
24 - 25 Aug 2023
Basic Temporal Bone and Implant Workshop

This course is part of a fortnight long event featuring back to back subspecialty ENT courses helmed by expert local and foreign faculty. In this year’s course, we place focus on guided cadaveric hands on dissection, complemented by concise lectures given by experts in the field. With our hearing implant
industry partners in attendance, participants will also get the opportunity learn to implant the latest hearing solutions.
26 - 27 Aug 2023
Advanced Lateral Skull Base Course

Through cadaveric dissection, participants will gain knowledge to the complex anatomy in this area. In addition, experts in skull base surgery will be sharing their wealth of experience through concise lectures. Close mentorship will be given as participants spend time in our state-of-the-art lab working on preserved cadaveric whole heads with clinical grade operative microscopes and instruments.
28 - 29 Aug 2023
Microtia and Bone Conduction Devices Workshop

This courses focuses on the holistic management of microtia, aural atresia and aural stenosis. The hands on course will cover the basics and intricacies of surgical treatment during ear and ear canal reconstruction. It will also discuss alternatives and how to manage complications. Lastly, the segment on hearing rehabilitation will cover the bone conduction devices available and we will share tips and tricks for good outcomes.
​30 - 31 Aug 2023
Septorhinoplasty Course

The course focuses on both the cosmetic and
functional aspects of septorhinoplasty, and will
include septoplasty, dorsal augmentation, autologous cartilage harvest, and tip refinement techniques. Additional new techniques such as 3D-printed PCL implants and diced cartilage grafting will be available for participants to utilize in the lab.
1 - 2 Sep 2023

This workshop will cover the basic fundamentals
of PSG. There will be a live demonstration on the
use of various Home Sleep Testing devices.

Hands-on session for participants to explore the use
of CPAP devices.

This workshop offers a hands-on approach to OMFT for multidisciplinary practitioners whose fields of
practice converge in the treatment of patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Poor muscle reactivity
is identified as one of the contributory factors in upper airway collapsibility. The efficacy of OMFT as part
of multimodality OSA management is borne out by research.
1 Sep 2023
​Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) Course

This is a course designed for ENT specialists and Doctors / Residents in training who have an interest in the medical
and surgical management of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). It aims to give participants a balanced, upto-
date and comprehensive view of the management of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.
​2 - 3 Sep 2023
​Stroboscopy Workshop and Laryngology Case Discussion

This is the 5th Stroboscopy / Laryngology course to be organized with the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) ENT Fortnight. The SGH ENT Fortnight is a highlight of our department’s calendar, as it is a time where junior doctors and specialists alike can network and learn from local and international faculty and peers. For a relatively small but rapidly advancing sub-specialty like Laryngology, opportunities like this are even more important and impactful.

In this year’s edition of the Laryngology course, there is once again an emphasis on the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed in a multi-disciplinary Voice Clinic and Videostroboscopic examination which is the foremost tool in our diagnostic armamentarium. In addition to the common conditions encountered in daily practice, a particular focus this year will be on Laryngeal Dysfunction and its multi-faceted presentation and management.
​3 Sep 2023


20 College Road, Singapore 169856 (Located in SGH Campus) 

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Please note that early bird closes on 30 June, register now!


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