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SingHealth ENT Head & Neck Instructional Course Fortnight

The ENT Instructional Courses started in 1995 in SGH, and have expanded over the years to include more subspecialty courses and inter-hospital collaboration. This is the first year that SGH, CGH, SKH and KKH have worked together to organize the inaugural SingHealth ENT Instructional Course Fortnight, bringing together talent across all of the SingHealth ENT Departments over 2 weeks of lectures and dissection courses. Combining both renown international faculty and local talent, this series of surgical courses have been a staple for residents and practicing ENT surgeons around the region, looking for an update of their medical knowledge and hands-on dissection. The courses provide ample opportunities for participants to progress at their own level, starting from basic surgical steps, but also covering advanced techniques for those wanting to pursue subspecialty practice.


3 September - 12 September 2024

Workshop Name​
10th Septorhinoplasty Course

Our long-running and regionally well-received septorhinoplasty instructional course returns with another highly-regarded team of international and local faculty.

This exciting and intensive 2-day program includes a comprehensive collection of lectures with daily hands-on dissection on high-quality cadavers at our state-of-the-art dissection lab.

The course focuses on both the cosmetic and functional aspects of septorhinoplasty, and will include septoplasty, dorsal augmentation, autologous cartilage harvest, and tip refinement techniques. Additional new techniques such as 3D-printed PCL implants and diced cartilage grafting will be available for participants to utilize in the lab.
3 September to 4 September 2024
Basic Temporal Bone and Advanced Hearing Implant Course

This is a progressive 4 day workshop helmed by expert local and international faculty and held in a state-of-the-art facility. It will benefit otorhinolaryngologists of varying experience, from surgeons-in-training to trained subspecialists aiming to develop expertise in advanced hearing implant work. This workshop is split into 2 modules, and participants have the option to both or pick the module best suited to their objective.
7 September to 10 September 2024
Team Management in 
Cochlear Implant (Re)Habilitation

Concurrent to the Advanced Hearing Implant course (SingHealth ENT Fortnight), we are offering a 2-day aural (re)habilitation workshop focused on the allied health team’s role in the cochlear implantation journey. Recognising that post-surgery support for cochlear implant patients is critical for good outcomes, this course will introduce surgeons, audiologists and therapists/educators to a holistic approach in cochlear implant management. Since 2001, the team at Centre for Hearing & Ear Implants has been providing transdisciplinary care to patients and their families. Cross disciplinary learning from this course will give participants a fresh insight and perspective.
​9 September to 10 September 2024
Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Workshop
​10 September to 11 September 2024


20 College Road, Singapore 169856 (Located in SGH Campus) 

Course Fee

Please see individual brochures for more information.


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