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Graduate Nurse Integrated Programme (GNIP)

Newly graduated nurses often encounter stressful challenges when transitioning from students to registered nurses. It is crucial to support them with a structured programme in order to smoothen their journey and to integrated them into the new roles and clinical environment.

This one-year GNIP programme aims to facilitate the personal and professional development of the new nurses, equipping them with clinical and professional competence. Kindly note that this programme is only open to nurses in SingHealth institutions and by internal nomination only.


Phase 1: Organisation Orientation

  • SingHealth Transition to Care Level 1

Senior Leadership will personally meet with the new nurses to share the vision, core values and strategic directions of SingHealth and nursing.

  • Institution Nursing Orientation

Nurses will gain an overview of their organization, strategic priorities, and policies and processes.


Phase 2: Clinical Competence Development

  • Clinical Preceptorship

Clinical preceptors are assigned to guide and support them in the development of their clinical competence according to the workplace requirements.


  • Structured Clinical Learning

It consists of core and specialised learning modules to develop the RNs' clinical competence.

Phase 3 Self & Professional Development

The newly graduated RNs will receive continual guidance and support to manage actual/potential challenges that they meet/may meet during the course of their professional practice through facilitated discussion forums. 

GNIP Framework.png