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Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) Competency Framework Training

The Allied Health Professional Career Development Pathways were implemented in 2013. To strengthen career development for each profession, the existing career pathways were expanded to include four different tracks:

  • Clinical
  • Education
  • Management/Professional
  • Research

Each expanded pathway has its own competency framework, which assists AHPs in identifying gaps in their knowledge and skills so as to focus their development efforts in these areas. The frameworks not only serve as a developmental tool, but also support the holistic assessment of a staff's competence in both clinical and non-clinical skills.

CAH is also collaborating with AM•EI to develop an educational programme to increase AHPs' understanding of how portfolio-based competency frameworks can be used for development and assessment. This programme aims to train senior allied health professionals serving in supervisory roles to use these frameworks as tools to help junior colleagues determine their professional development needs. This programme is being developed for the various allied health professions in SingHealth, with the long-term vision for it to be implemented nationwide.