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The CHEER Programme is a training programme designed for Allied Health colleagues, aiming to empower individuals and teams to create a compassionate work environment through a common set of values and habits. Through a four-hour interactive workshop, participants learn to practise these values in their daily work. They also learn to use compassionate or nonviolent communication to give and receive feedback, address interpersonal conflicts, and communicate appreciation.

The journey of CHEER Programme began in October 2020, when the initial concept of addressing AHPs’ physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion was first envisioned. After months of development, which included focus group discussions, pilot run and concept building, the programme was launched in Apr 2021. 
The success of the launch led to the development of train-the-trainer and CHEER+ programmes in December 2021, which aimed to recruit and empower CHEER Champions to educate, disseminate and propagate CHEER values to all AH staff in SingHealth. In addition, 7 new Associate Facilitators were recruited, trained and certified to assist in providing the training. 

Now, with CHEER 2.0 to be implemented, the programme has grown and evolved, offering new and improved delivery format to AH staff. It's been an exciting journey for the programme, and it looks poised to continue its upward trajectory, meeting the needs of SingHealth AH community.

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