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Prof Josip Car

Centre for Population Health Sciences
Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Nanyang Technological University

Professor Josip Car is a physician scientist with a record of combined board level executive, clinical and academic leadership. He is the Deputy Chair of NTU’s Institutional Review Board (Biomedicine domain) and a member of the Research Committee at LKC. He has been leading, researching and advising on health system, hospital and primary care management and transformation in the UK NHS and internationally with actors such as OECD, WHO, World Bank, the Global Fund, ministries of health, hospitals and health systems in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

He led numerous health systems projects, published over 330 research papers, reports, and other academic contributions in leading medical journals, and has been awarded national and international awards and professional recognitions, such as from the UK Department of Health for health service innovation in London and the BMJ’s top ten reviewer.


Presentation Title

State-of-the-art Remote Consent : Can We Go Further?

Worldwide, 80% of the general population is receptive to clinical research yet 90% of trials fail to recruit the target number of participants within the planned time. Can remote consent change this? Remote informed consent process can be conducted via telephone, video call, online, or other methods. Remote consent helps not only minimize non-essential contact but as well facilitate screening procedures, recruitment processes, increase flexibility, convenience, and timeliness, remove geographic barriers, amongst many benefits for potential research participants and investigators. Are we fully exploiting those? Should we go further in use of remote consent? We will explore both strengths and limitations of remote consent and whether we can go further.


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