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Prof Tim White

Associate Vice President (Infrastructure & Programmes) 
President’s Office    
Nanyang Technological University

Tim White is the President’s Chair in Materials Science & Engineering and Associate Vice President (Infrastructure & Programmes) in the President’s Office at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

He has over 40 years research experience at national laboratories and universities in Australia and Singapore in materials science and engineering, minerals processing, nuclear waste treatment and environmental management. These appointments included group leader at The Australian Atomic Energy Commission and Multiplex Professor of Environmental Technology.

Tim joined NSTB (the predecessor of A*STAR) in 1995 as a scientist in the Environmental Technology Institute (1995-2004). Subsequently, he moved to NTU and served as the Head of the Division for Materials Science (2006-2009), Director of the Facility for Analysis, Characterization, Testing and Simulation (FACTS) (2005-2009) and Associate Chair (Research) (2013-2018) in the School of Materials Science and Engineering. Tim has also served as Director of the Centre for Advanced Microscopy at the Australian National University (2009-2012) and President of The Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society (2010-2013). He was Vice President of the Materials Research Society of Singapore (from 2016) and was elected President in 2020.

Presentation Title

Data Integrity: The Ultimate Shield Against Research Scandals

Most of us would have heard of the MMR vaccine scandal which resulted in a huge drop in vaccination rates to levels below herd immunity, or the ‘celebrity’ surgeon who conducted tracheal transplants which led to patients' death.

Singapore is not immune to such research scandals with cases of research fraud appearing in the local papers in the past. Institutions have a responsibility to conduct investigations to assess if there is any evidence of falsification, fabrication or plagiarism that points to research misconduct.

In line with international best practices on research integrity, NTU subscribes to the Open Science movement to promote transparency in research data hence allowing data to be subjected to greater scrutiny, veracity, and reproducibility checks. This session will touch on challenges facing the research integrity community today and share on NTU’s experiences in fortifying data integrity to guard against research scandals.

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