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Dr NG Wai Chong


Chief, Clinical Affairs,

Tsao Foundation


• Speaker, Health Services Research Symposium, 21 Sep 2018


Dr Ng Wai Chong is Chief Clinical Affairs of Tsao Foundation. He has been practicing primary care for frail seniors since 2000, when he joined Hua Mei Mobile Clinic as its home-visiting physician. Over the years, he has contributed towards the Foundation’s efforts in the development of community aged-care systems and active ageing framework. He has also supported the development of the policies related to community-based long term care, care integration, end-of-life care, elder abuse, primary care and care standards. His practice and research interests include primary care for frail seniors, multi-disciplinary health teams, standardized comprehensive needs assessment, elder mistreatment, end-of-life care, community-based dementia care as well as community care management system. Dr Ng volunteers as a member of the Ren Ci Hospital Medical Advisory Committee and also serves as the Medical Advisor of Nectar Care Services, which cares for disabled seniors and persons who are near the end of life.