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Prof NG Chirk Jenn


Professor, Primary Care Medicine,
University of Malaya, Malaysia


• Speaker, Family Medicine Symposium, 22 Sep 2018


Prof Ng Chirk Jenn is a Professor in the Department of Primary Care Medicine, University of Malaya. Besides practising as a Family Physician, he teaches and conducts research in shared decision making (SDM) and evidence-based medicine (EBM), particularly in a culturally diverse context. He has collaborated with clinicians across different disciplines to develop and evaluate patients’ decision aids for patients with diabetes, breast and prostate cancer. Currently, Chirk Jenn is focusing on developing innovative strategies to implement SDM and EBM in general practice. He is also collaborating with international researchers to study decision making preferences and decisional roles across different cultures.

Prof Ng is also the Deputy Chair of the University of Malaya Medical Centre and ex-Editor-in-Chief of the Malaysian Family Physician. He is currently leading the eHealth team at the University of Malaya, to find and implement innovative and sustainable solutions to solve day-to-day healthcare problems for patients and clinicians.