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Having a multidisciplinary congress like this is very useful. The tracks for the Academic Clinical Programmes sets a standard and creates a platform for interprofessional as well as inter-institutional staff to come together to share on research, education and clinical service advancement








~ Prof Celia Tan 
Group Director, Allied Health, SingHealth


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Pathology Symposium
Diagnostics in the New Age of Personalised Medicine

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 22 Sep 2018


 Time: 1125 - 1300

Location: Academia, Level 1, L1-S3

In the current age of personalised medicine and targeted therapy, there is increasing pressure for the pathologists to transform their practice and provide new parameters to keep up with the demands in patient management. This symposium aims to provide the audience with an update on the advances in diagnostic approach in the field of anatomical pathology, and provide a glimpse on the current and upcoming tools and findings that not only influence our current practice but may also guide the future direction.

The symposium begins with an overview of the practice of anatomical pathologists in the current and transforming landscape of medicine, following which, we will provide a look at how we may make use of novel techniques, like multiplex immunohistochemistry, to potentially guide our diagnostic evaluation. We will then provide updates in diagnostic advances to specific areas of practice, including endometrial cancers and adult gliomas.


Diagnostics in the New Age of Personalised Medicine for the Anatomical Pathologist


Speaker: Dr Wang Lai Mun



Multiplex Immunohistochemistry - A New Diagnostic Tool in the Age of Immunotherapy


Speaker: Dr Yeong Poh Sheng



Molecular Classification of Endometrial Carcinomas: Testing for Clinical Outcomes


Advances in Diagnosis of Adult Glioma

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