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I’m impressed with the quality of the regional and local speakers, particularly the young clinicians and scientist. As compared to when I first arrived in Singapore, this is light year ahead in terms of the general understanding of expertise in medicine, and in science and biomedicine. It’s really quite thrilling.








~ Dr Edison Liu 
President and CEO, The Jackson Laboratory


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Education Symposium I
Professionalism in Residency Training: P-MEX – Identifying the Gap?

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 21 Sep 2018


 Time: 1520 - 1650

Location: Academia, Level 2, PSL2

Professionalism amongst the trainees has over the years become very important. The identification and assessment of professionalism has now formed part of the ACGMEI training requirements. Defining what constitutes professional behaviour in trainees is the first step in the process. However, due to a myriad of factors, there seems to be difficulty in identifying and evaluating professionalism. 

In this symposium, the speakers will discuss how the SingHealth Residency Programme is defining Professionalism in current medical practice amongst trainees, the evolution of the P-MEX in the current setting and the proposed interventions.


Professionalism in Residency Training


Speaker: Dr Melvin Chua



Exploring the Identification and Assessment of Professionalism


Speaker: Adj Assoc Prof Ng Swee Cheng



Professional Mini Evaluation Exercise (P-MEX) – The SingHealth Perspective


Breaches of Professionalism: SingHealth Residency Case Studies


Speaker: Assoc Prof Lim Boon Leng, Prof Chay Oh Moh, Assoc Prof Tan Hak Koon, Prof Tay Yong Kwang and Dr Melvin Chua


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