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Health Services & Systems Research (Shortlisted Abstracts)

Best Oral Paper Presentation

Abstract Ref. no.Title
00199The Prevalence of and Factors Related to Non-adherence to Post-ophthalmic Screening Tertiary Referrals in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
00223Economic Burden of Adverse Drug Reactions and Potential for Pharmacogenomic Testing in Singaporean Adults
00311Development of Predictive Scoring Model for Risk Stratification of No-show at Orthopaedic Specialist Outpatient Clinic at Changi General Hospital
00313Randomized Controlled Trial of an Incentive-based Physical Activity Program Targeting Both Children and Adults (FIT-FAM)

Best Poster Competition

Abstract Ref. no.Title
00023Diffusion of Innovation in Primary Care: A Review of the Literature on Factors Affecting Physicians' Decision to Adopt New Medicine
00091Factors Influencing Functional Recovery of the Elderly Following Hip Fracture Surgery: A Prospective Cohort Study
00118Are Primary Care Utilizers the Same? – Application of Latent Class Analysis for Population Segmentation in Primary Care Setting
00222Effectiveness of Integrated Practice Home Visits for Community-dwelling Frail Elderly to Prevent Hospitalisation: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials
00257Virtual Monitoring for Chronic Stable Hepatitis B Patients on Treatment Is Safe – A Randomised Controlled Study in Singapore General Hospital (SGH)
00286Factors Associated With Inappropriate Attendances at Emergency Department of a Tertiary Hospital in Singapore
00326Within-category Versus Across-category Lower-calorie Labelling on Food Demand: a Crossover Trial (LoCal)
00503Validation of the Kidney Failure Risk Equation in Primary Care Clinics in Southeast Asia
00550Systematic Assessment of the Quality of Health Information Dissemination of Smartphone Applications Targeted at People With Diabetes for Medicines Management