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Education Research (Shortlisted Abstracts)

Best Oral Paper Presentation

Abstract Ref. no.Title
00056Learning Needs From Staffs on Management of Aggressive and Violent Patients in a Public General Hospital
00122Insights From a Mandatory Geriatric Medicine Rotation for Medical Subspecialty Senior Residents in Singapore - Implementation and Residents' Perspectives

Stressors Encountered During Overnight Duties by Anaesthesiology Senior Residents Impedes Their Role

as Teachers & Learners

Best Poster Competition

Abstract Ref. no.Title
00014An Integrative Review to Understand and Identify Nurses' Knowledge and Awareness in Reducing the Initiation of Physical Restraints on Patients With Dementia.
00061Healthcare Workers' Knowledge, Beliefs and Self-reported Practices of Hand Hygiene in Alexandra Hospital, Singapore
00089Effects of an in-service Programme on Inpatient Nurses' Chest Drain Management Knowledge: A Randomized Control Trial Study.
00108Strategies for Giving Feedback: Effectiveness of a Faculty Development Workshop Based on the Describe-explain-suggest-commitment (DESC) Model
00186How Effective Has UCL MBBS Clinical Feedback Been in Supporting Its Student's Learning?
00191Near Peer Teaching of Physical Examination Skills: Benefits for Students and Near Peer Tutors
00216HEADSS UP! An Evaluation of an Adolescent Simulated Patient Program to Teach Biopsychosocial Assessment
00334Impact of Critical Appraisal Skills Workshop on Nurses' Knowledge, Attitude, Perceived Confidence and Intention
00448A Novel Application of Augmented Reality (AR) for Gamified Health Education to Facilitate Early Detection of Glaucoma, the "Silent Thief of Sight"
00490End-of-life Care Training Using Blended Learning – A Practical Approach for Teaching at Nursing Homes