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Your Learning Experience

The Resident entering our Anaesthesiology training programme will spend five years acquiring the skills, knowledge and expertise essential to the modern evidence-based practice of anaesthesiology. Drawing upon the vast resources of SingHealth and the mentorship of its brilliant Faculty, our Residents will learn to care for an extremely diverse and medically challenging patient population. There exists here a culture of teaching and active learning that occurs in both the clinical setting and the tutorial rooms. Our Faculty is extremely approachable, supportive and excellent at hands-on teaching.

During the five years of Residency training, experience is gained systematically through a block rotation system. Progression from one postgraduate year to the next involves a graduated increase in responsibility at each Resident level, commensurate with their developing skills, independence and clinical acumen. This curriculum also includes several months of elective time that Residents can spend pursuing their unique clinical and research interests​.

Sample Rotation Chart