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Gastroenterology Residency Programme

Banner-Gastro.jpg About the Programme

Gastroenterology is the perfect specialty for the internist who enjoys procedural work and the diagnostic challenge of problem-solving.

Our aim is to produce competent and independent gastroenterologists who are professional, compassionate and empowered in self-learning, research and medical education. Our vision is to produce international experts in Gastroenterology who will be leaders in medicine, teaching and research. 

We welcome driven candidates who are enthusiastic and possess a positive mindset towards clinical work. You should also be compassionate and have a genuine desire to help patients. Above all, you should be mature, collegial, responsible and professional, and always put your patients’ interests first. 

If you enjoy being part of a dynamic team and working in a collegial environment, be part of the SingHealth Gastroenterology Senior Residency Programme. 

Message from the Programme Director 

Congratulations on completing your basic training in Internal Medicine and, on behalf of the Faculty, I warmly welcome you to our Gastroenterology family. 

The gastrointestinal tract is a fascinating system consisting of many unique organs where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. The gut is the largest endocrine organ in the body and also has more neurons than either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system. On the other hand, the liver is the largest internal solid organ, and arguably the busiest organ in the human body with more than 500 different functions. As such, the specialty itself is already considered to be one of the most stimulating specialties in medicine. With the additional joy and gratification that comes with honing one's craft in procedural skills, it is little wonder that Gastroenterology & Hepatology remains one of the most popular specialties worldwide for trainees. 

Though Endoscopy is a big joy in our lives that we would not trade for the world, it doesn't solely define what our specialty is all about. From the complexity in physiology in GI motility to cutting-edge immunology in IBD and to the precision of anatomy in pancreatobiliary work, you will discover that there is something for every personality and interest. 

Regardless of the specialty, the learning curve from a junior Resident to a senior Resident is never easy. Its steepness gets even more challenging as you balance the dual curves of acquiring knowledge and sharpening one's procedural skills. However, this is where the excitement begins. In the SingHealth Gastroenterology Senior Residency Programme, you will be guided by the experience and wealth of knowledge of our Faculty members at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Changi General Hospital (CGH).  

Our programme seeks to train Residents to become gastroenterologists who have pride in their mastery of medical knowledge and clinical skills, yet humility in their interactions with others and embrace the value of a team. Confidence in their procedural skills, yet awareness and dedication to improve their craft continuouslyA compassionate and respectful heart to those they treat, yet a dedicated and zealous spirit to contribute to the growth of those around them.

Our programme also aims to create a conducive and safe environment for learners to remain inquisitive, and provide the necessary resources to help you in your three-year journey. This sojourn is ultimately yours and will be unique to your own circumstances and experiences. While the pursuit of being a trained Gastroenterologist is the reason for joining the programme, the journey itself is what matters at the end of the day.  

Excellence is an attitude and also a skill. As you join us, let's keep practising this and get better at it.

Clin Asst Prof Andrew Ong
Programme Director, Gastroenterology 
Consultant, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, SGH
Why choose Gastroenterology?

Our Teachers: Dedicated and Experienced Teaching Faculty
The SingHealth Gastroenterology Senior Residency Programme is anchored by an experienced and dedicated Faculty who are committed to transmitting knowledge, skills and values so as to produce skilled and caring gastroenterologists. Our Faculty includes esteemed physicians who are “teachers of teachers” and leaders in the field of Gastroenterology. 

Our Patients: The Breadth and Depth of Gastroenterology in One Place
Within the SGH and CGH campus, we collectively see and manage a vast array of gastroenterology and hepatology cases, from the common everyday conditions to the most complex cases of liver failure, inflammatory bowel disease, complicated pancreatitis, etc. As a training centre we are confident in providing a broad case-mix that will certainly satisfy the training needs of all our Residents. 

Our Programme: Structured and Complete Training in Gastroenterology
We have a comprehensive training programme designed to imbibe the core competencies of the ACGME within a framework that includes inpatient and ambulatory care, consult services, endoscopic training and subspecialty rotations including liver transplantation, inflammatory bowel disease/nutrition, motility disorders, research, advanced endoscopy and many others. 

Our Culture: A Common Heartbeat of Excellence, Compassion, Collegiality and Innovation
The SingHealth Gastroenterology Programme represents a family of individuals with a shared culture. We work hard with a firm belief that direct involvement in patient care is an essential component of learning. We practice compassion, striving to place our patients’ needs first before our own. We emphasise collegiality and strive to support each other as a family unit. We demand for excellence in patient care and strive towards producing competent, skilled and caring gastroenterologists of the future.

Your Career Prospects & Development

Residents who complete the SingHealth Gastroenterology Senior Residency Programme will be capable of independent practice as a competent gastroenterologist. 

You will be well-prepared to pass the Specialists Accreditation Board’s (SAB) exit exams that will enable you to practice as an accredited specialist in the field of Gastroenterology in Singapore and provide gastroenterology services to the various hospitals in the country.