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Course on Administration of Medicines Intravenously

This course will equip nurses with the knowledge and skills so that it can assist them administer intravenous medicine safely and competently.

At this course, participants will learn to:

  • Identify the medico-legal implications associated with the Registered Nurse’s responsibilities in administering designated medicines intravenously.

  • Apply the hospital policy and guidelines before, during and after administering designated medicines intravenously.

  • Describe the actions, doses, routes, side effects, indications, contraindications, compatibility, speed of injection and reconstitution for designated intravenous medicines, which are administered either via bolus or burette or infusion bag/bottle or syringe pump.

  • Demonstrate competence in administering designated medicines intravenously.

  • Demonstrate competence in providing nursing care to patients receiving designated medicines intravenously.

  • Identify the responsibilities of the Registered Nurse during situations where patients develop complications and problems arising from administration of designated medicines intravenously.

Target Audience

Registered Nurses


3 April 2024
7 June 2024
12 July 2024
7 August 2024
2 October 2024
27 December 2024


15 hours

Mode of Training

Blended learning


Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing

20 College Road, Academia

Singapore 169856

Course Fee

Cost Components
Course Fee 

*Course fee is subject to change.


Please contact for enquiries and registration.

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