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eLearning Tools

SingHealth eLearning Management System

SingHealth eLearning is an online learning management system that provides a graphical dashboard for healthcare learners to track their individual learning activities. The system allows healthcare learners to easily navigate and organise their enrolled courses and streamlines learning record management with online certificates and graphical learner analytics report. Click here to access SingHealth eLearning.


A digital library of medical content created in collaboration with SingHealth, Duke-NUS and Duke University, LearningIn10 is a free healthcare education portal with over 300 medical specialties. Each module consists of a short voice-over presentation that provides an insightful overview of a specific medical topic. This digital medical library benefits healthcare professionals and members of the public. Watch the video on LearningIn10 hereClick here to access LearningIn10.

New Innovations (NI) Residency Management System

This Residency management software suite supports SingHealth Residency Faculty, Residents and staff in the management of the various Residency programmes. With a comprehensive range of administration features, such as rotation scheduling, procedure logging, evaluating and tracking of Residents’ duty hours, among many others, this online system provides ease of data collection and reporting, allowing Residents and Faculty to better focus on their medical education and training. Click here to access New Innovations.

Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) eLearning

This online learning platform provides SingHealth staff and Residents access to multimedia courses with a range of topics in healthcare, such as quality improvement, patient safety, system design, leadership, and population management. Through narratives, videos and interactive discussion features, the online courses offer a dynamic learning experience for healthcare professionals of all levels and provide ease of learning at their own pace.
Click here to access IHI eLearning (Note: Please select Open School > Take a Course).