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About Us 

The College of Clinical Nursing (CCN) shapes and drives strategies for Clinical Nursing training and education initiatives across SingHealth. CCN oversees the development of Undergraduate Nursing Education, Postgraduate Nursing Education, Continuing Nursing Education and Global Nursing.
Besides driving service excellence, the College advocates life-long learning and empowers nurses with advanced clinical knowledge and expertise to enhance patient care. CCN collaborates with internal and external hospitals and institutions to develop multidisciplinary programmes that add value to the nurses' skillsets.
The College also emphasises faculty development, teaching methodology and the entire learning processes from nursing students to nurses who specialise in their chosen fields of service, education or research. CCN seeks to continuously incorporate new and innovative pedagogy to improve clinical knowledge retention and application that lead to better patient care outcomes.


To be a leader in preparing nurses who will be recognised for excellence, leadership, innovation and compassion


To groom future generations of nurses to be adaptive, innovative and productive life-long learners who deliver excellent person-centric care.​