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SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference 2019 Abstract Listing

Education Research (e-Poster of Shortlisted Abstracts)

Best Oral Paper Presentation

Abstract Ref. No. ​Title
ER-10003​Silence of the Lambs? - Feedback Seeking Behavior of Residents in the Operating Room
ER-10020​My Grandfriend - A Pilot Intergenerational Programme in A Nursing Home
​ER-10032Nursing Care: What Really Matters? Combined Perspectives from Academic Research and Caregiver's Personal Narrative
ER-10047​Competency-based Education for Training of Diagnostic Radiographers in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Procedure in the Operating Theatre – An Initial Experience


Best Poster Competition

Abstract Ref. No. ​Title
ER-10004​Examining Teaching and Learning of Surgical Skills in the Operating Room in Otolaryngology Residency
ER-10009​Case-based VS Lecture Based Instruction Method in Optometry: A Four-Year Perspective
ER-10012​Improving Disaster Site Management Education in Nepal Through Bilateral Cooperation
ER-10014​A Pilot Interprofessional Educational (IPE) Program & Ward Rounds in Singapore
​​ER-10024​The Elephant in the Room - Disruptive Behaviour by Healthcare Professionals in Our Local Hospitals
​​ER-10025​Correlation Between Academic Stress and Empathy Decline in Pre-clinical Alfaisal Medical Students of Saudi Arabia
​ER-10028​Flipped Learning in Endoscopy: A Time Effective Model to Impact Change in Practice Culture
ER-10029​Preparedness for Practice of Medical Graduands: Survey Data Findings From a Longitudinal Study
​ER-10030​Introducing Healthcare Innovation Concepts During Medical Education Improves Graduate Medical Student Self-awareness Regarding Design Thinking Concepts
ER-10039​Junior Doctors Running Outpatient Clinics After a 24-hour Shift: Effects on Patient Satisfaction and Prescription Errors