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Asst Prof Paolo F. MACCARINI


Assistant Research Professor,

Biomedical Engineering,
Duke University, United States of America

• Speaker, Neuroscience Plenary, 21 Sep 2018


Asst Prof Paolo F. Maccarini, PhD, is an Assistant Research Professor from Biomedical Engineering at Duke University. Dr. Maccarini was awarded with the Erasmus Double BS and MS in Electrical Engineering (Microwave and Optoelectronics) from both Polytechnic Institute in Turin, Italy and ENSERG/INPG in Grenoble, France. He completed BS and MS theses at European Apple Research Labs in Paris, France and CERN, Switzerland. After obtaining MS and PhD from the University of California in Microwave and High Speed Circuits in Santa Barbara, he was postdoc at UC San Francisco in medical physics. In 2006, he moved to Duke to continue his work on thermal therapy. He coauthored more than 70 peer-reviewed papers, a book chapter and 4 patents. His teaching emphasises on patient-specific multiphysics modeling and biomedical and clinical design. His research focuses on clinically translated innovative technologies for thermal medicine. His experience in renowned R&D laboratories at APPLE, CERN, UCSB, UCSF contributed to the first clinical use of microwave radiometry to non-invasively track temperature in deep tissues, to the demonstration of powerful synergy between thermal ablation and immunotherapies. Dr Maccarini was involved in the creation of the first wearable radiometry system for vesicourethal reflux diagnosis, very early detection of aggressive breast cancer and brown fat metabolic tracking.