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Dr Kinjal DOSHI


Principal Clinical Psychologist, Department of Neurology,
Singapore General Hospital


• Speaker, Neuroscience Symposium II, 22 Sep 2018


Dr Kinjal Doshi serves as a principal clinical psychologist with the Department of Neurology at Singapore General Hospital. She also serves as an honorary Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Department of Psychology at National University of Singapore. Dr Kinjal Doshi has been involved in the clinical assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of cognitive impairment for the past five years. She also provides education on cognitive and behavioural strategies, to other allied health professionals on the management of individuals with traumatic brain injury. She is currently involved in research, investigating various cognitive and behavioural intervention that may address cognitive impairment, as well as quality of life issues among individuals, who have acquired brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases.