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I think the Congress is very important for both clinicians and people who are interested in research and improvement. The topics are really very relevant and it brings academia together with the clinicians so that we can listen to each other and look at what are the areas we can collaborate and improve on.








~ Assoc Prof 
Ong Biauw Chi  

Chairman, Medical Board,
Sengkang Health


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Nursing Plenary
Research is Fun, Isn’t It? How Can We Encourage Nurses to Implement Research into Nursing Practice?

 Track type: Plenary

Date: 22 Sep 2018


 Time: 1125 - 1210

Location: Academia, Auditorium


Speaker: Prof Trisha Dunning


Research is an essential component in nursing education and development as it has an immerse influence on the current and future professional nursing practice. Nursing research develops knowledge and nurses use research to provide evidence-based care that promotes quality health outcomes for healthcare consumers. Research and practices are interconnected with each other closely yet, bridging the research into nursing practice is a challenging process as there isn’t a direct flow of knowledge from research into practice. This symposium serves as a platform for discussion on innovative research and contribution to nursing practices. With that objective, various international and local experts are invited to share their successful experiences translating research into nursing practices.

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