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I’m impressed with the quality of the regional and local speakers, particularly the young clinicians and scientist. As compared to when I first arrived in Singapore, this is light year ahead in terms of the general understanding of expertise in medicine, and in science and biomedicine. It’s really quite thrilling.








~ Dr Edison Liu 
President and CEO, The Jackson Laboratory


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Education Plenary I
Integrating Academics into a Clinical Health System

 Track type: Plenary

Date: 22 Sep 2018


 Time: 0900 - 0930

Location: Academia, Auditorium


Speaker: Dr Paul Klotman


There are many important components necessary to successfully integrate an academic environment into a clinical health system, which has previously focused on non-academic medicine. New systems and processes must be developed and implemented to achieve success. These changes include implementing a robust faculty development programme, engaging educators in the training of students, residents and fellows, remodelling the physical plant to meet academic needs, enhancing the organisational structure to emphasise academics and introducing clinical research opportunities. 

An important aspect of operationalising this integration is the appointment of a leader as the responsible catalyst for academic transition. Changes such as these will require a long-term plan, a commitment of financial resources to assure success, and a prioritisation of this change. 

This plenary will provide a case study for success based on the experience of Baylor College of Medicine in creating an academic medical centre in a traditional community hospital.

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