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Continuous Support Beyond CS Residency

The SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre (AMC) has set up enablers to support passionate early-career clinicians who want to pursue research as part of their clinical career.

1. What should I do first?

Stay updated on latest grant information and notifications, and gain access to various core facilities and research spaces. You can keep up with and stay ahead of all essential information after your Clinician Scientist Residency, by subscribing to the SingHealth Office of Research weekly Research e-Bulletin via email:

Researchers may require administrative assistance on their grant applications. Contact your respective host institution’s Research Administration Offices or ACP administration teams for guidance through grant administrative processes and hurdles. A list of institution research administrations’ contacts can be found below:

Singapore General Hospital
Division of Research

National Cancer Centre Singapore
Research Administration

National Neuroscience Institute
Research Administration

KK Women's and Children's Hospital
KK Research Centre
National Heart Centre Singapore
Research Administration & Development Office

SingHealth Polyclinics
Research Administration

Changi General Hospital
Clinical Trials Research Unit

Singapore National Eye Centre
Singapore Eye Research Institute

National Dental Centre Singapore
ACORN Secretariat / ACP Admin

All research administration offices and selected ACP research administration offices will also have copies of the latest Research Grant Calendar. The Grant Calendar, an annual publication by the SingHealth Office of Research, provides a snapshot of all the grant calls in Singapore that researchers in healthcare institutions may apply for. It also provides you with a timeline of the grant pre-review process that aims to enhance the chances for Principal Investigators (PIs) to secure grants.

2. I need help with certain research techniques and resources, who can I contact?

There are various core platforms and Centres within the AMC that you may approach for assistance or guidance with your research projects. As a fee may be chargeable, it is essential that you approach the core platforms early for a quotation based on your proposed application before applying for any grant.

Core Platforms

Advanced Bioimaging

Advanced Molecular Pathology Laboratory (AMPL)

Flow Cytometry

Health Services Research Centre (HSRC)

Investigational Medicine Unit (IMU)

Medical Technology Office (MTO)

SingHealth Experimental Medicine Centre (SEMC)

SingHealth Tissue Repository (STR)

Ethics & Integrity

Institutional Animal Care and the Use Committee (IACUC)

Centralised Institutional Review Board (CIRB)

Office of Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC)

Other Enablers

Centre for Clinician Scientist Development (CCSD)

Centre for Quantitative Medicine (CQM)

You may contact any of the above units for a copy of their brochure, or visit the About Us section on the SingHealth Research website for links to their pages and e-brochures.