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Your Learning Experience

Overall Education Goals

  • Provide comprehensive, evidence-based and cost effective diagnosis, investigation and management of patients with rheumatic disease. 
  • Counsel patients and the broader community on the prevention of and rehabilitation in rheumatic diseases.
  • Communicate effectively and compassionately with referring primary care physicians, specialists in medical subspecialties, surgeons, allied health professionals, patients and their families on the continuing care of rheumatology patients.
  • Communicate constructively and effectively with other Rheumatologists and physicians (especially referring physicians) as well as other healthcare professionals.
  • Function as a member of the healthcare team and coordinate the team as appropriate.
  • Contribute to the education of students, other physicians, other healthcare professionals, their patients and their families.
  • Perform necessary technical skills specific to the management of patients with rheumatic diseases.
  •  Maintain complete and accurate medical records.
  • Undertake accurate self-appraisal, develop a personal continuing education strategy and pursue lifelong mastery of Rheumatology to maintain and improve professional skills.
  • Understand and critically appraise the design, implementation and interpretation of published research and apply it relevantly to patient care.